World records in the horse world (Part 2)

The fastest speed of a race horse: 70.8km / h

The highest velocity a race horse achieved at a short range (402m) was recorded for a 2-year-old horse, named Winning Brew, trained by Francis Vitale (USA) at the Pennsylvania state race in May. / 2008.

The largest number of horses pulling a car: 141 children

The world record for the highest number of horses pulling a car was 141 children, set up at an event in Aubagne, France in December 2005. In total, 141 horses formed a length of 409.7m, pulling the car across the streets of Aubagne in 1.5 km.

The horse is the most expensive auction: 16 million USD

The highest price is paid for a pure race horse at a public auction of $ 16 million for a 2-year-old ponies, who have never competed before. The young horse named Forestry was brought to the auction by Demi O’Byrne (Ireland) at an auction held at the Calder horse race in Florida (USA) in February 2006.

The biggest prize for a single horse race: $ 10 million

The biggest prize fund for a single horse race is $ 10 million for Dubai World Cup held at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on March 27, 2010. All bonuses are awarded to the top 6 horses, of which the most awarded prize is 6 million USD.

The smartest horse in the world: Lukas

Guinness recorded Lukas as the smartest horse in the world. Lukas, a horse that was once considered “unsavory and dangerous” at 17 years old, was bought by Karen Murdock (USA) with the intention of domesticating and reselling. However, nearly 9 years later, Lukas has now become Miss Murdock’s pet. Thanks to the training of the hostess, this horse can distinguish the color and shape of the object, know how to do things like bow, catch handkerchiefs and perform the training movements. Lukas has appeared in many television shows, becoming “stars” on countless websites and has been nominated for the 2010 Horse Society Award of the American Horse Society.

World records in the horse world (Part 1)

Guinness World Records recognizes that the most expensive race horse is up to 16 million USD and the smartest horse can distinguish the color, the shape of the object as well as many other extraordinary games.

The tallest horse: Big Jake, 2.1 meters high

According to the Guinness World Records website, the highest horse in the world today is Big Jake, 9 years old, belonging to Belgium’s Gelding variety. It has a height of 2.1 m without iron nails and weighs up to 1.1 tons. This horse belongs to Smokey Hollow farm in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA. Big Jake is currently kept in a 6m x 6m barn and consumes 1.5 bales of grass as well as 37.8 liters of oak seeds per day. In the video posted on the Guinness page, Jerry Gilbert – Big Jake’s owner, tells the horse that he loves to be joking, playful and good.

The lowest horse: Thumbelina, 0.44m

Thumbelina mares belong to Miniature ponies, born and raised on Goose Creek farm in St Louis, Missouri, USA. According to Guinness, the world’s smallest horse only reached 44cm in height and she said heavy. According to the interview published to the owner of Thumbelina, Kay and Paul Goessling, and his handling, Michael Goessling, the horse weighs less than 27kg. The hostess and the person who directly tamed this “little girl” said the horse would never be bred.

The longest ponytail: 4.08m

A Shetland-like short pony named Golden Shante, nicknamed “Topper” holds the world record for the longest ponytail to be born, more than 4m. This horse was born in 1993.

Parade with the largest horse: 11,125 horses and riders

Record of the largest parade with horses takes place on August 9, 2013 in Mongolia. According to Guinness, 11,125 horses and riders from 21 provinces of Mongolia gathered in Khui Doloon Khudag in the country’s capital Ulaanbaatar to join the parade stretching nearly 4km. The youngest rider in the parade is 2 years old, while the oldest is 90 years old.

Laura defies her disability to pursue her horse riding dreams

With a rare metabolic condition that affects her mobility, teenager Laura Curson has returned from a disabled dressage championship with 3 medals.

14-year-old girl Laura Curson from Stokesley School rode on Hunky Dory at the UK’s National Riding for the Disabled Dressage Championship, won the graded dressage test. She was awarded the Charley Dargie trophy for the highest score in this test.

Laura continued to win the graded freestyle dressage to music and also came second in the dressage pairs along with Kathryn Pavitt.

The couple was also placed third in tack and turnout. However, the most notable thing was that she received a surprise award at the final presentation as she was awarded the Bob Galbreath Trophy for the highest combined graded score over the whole weekend.

Laura has rare metabolic condition Glutaric Aciduria Type One that affects her mobility. Her passion for horse riding is not only her most favorite hobby but it also helps to improve her core strength and stretch her muscles.

She has well developed a special bond with Hunky Dory, the pony that she partnered at the UK’s National Championships at Hartpury College in Gloucester. Hunky Dory belongs to Claire Robinson, who is the manager of Stokesley Riding for the Disabled and Robinson’s Equiteach.

Robinson’s Equiteach paid for all the Stokesley RDA competitors to take part in the national championship and Laura’s mum, Jane Curson, also wanted to help towards the entry fee and the costs of transporting the horses.

Laura said that those achievements meant the world to her and she felt that she was going from strength to strength with her riding. She also felt that she had got closer to her ultimate dream of becoming a Paralympic champion one day.

Hannah Millett, head-teacher at Stokesley School, said that they were exceptionally proud of Laura not only for her incredible achievements but also for her general warmth and sunny disposition around their school.

Top 10 most famous horse racing schools in the world (part 1)

In England, horse racing attracts the audience after football. Each year, an estimated $ 100 billion is poured into sports betting activities.

Horse racing is a long-standing sport and entertainment and very popular in many countries such as England and America.

1. Santa Anita Race Course (USA)

Built in the American city of Arcadia in 1924. Dubbed as the most splendid, most modern race track in the world with a track of 1.6 km long and accommodating more than 26,000 seats. sit. Not only the racetrack, the Santa Anita is also a park complex, a 1.3-hectare amusement park and picnic area right inside the track.

2. Aintree Racecourse (England)

Built in 1829 in the port city of Liverpool, England, Aintree is one of the oldest horse racing schools in the world with a life of nearly 200 years. The track owns 6 racetracks, the longest track is 6 km. Photo:

Aintree complex also owns a large motor racing track, a golf course, entertainment facilities such as squares, restaurants, theaters, spas with a total area of ​​up to 3 hectares.

3. Flemington Race Course (Australia)

Built in 1840 in Melbourne city, Flemington Racecourse is the most modern race track in Oceania and has a record capacity of up to 120,000 seats.

The track has a total of 6 racetracks and the longest track up to 3.2 km. This past March, the racetrack just built a new spectator area with a budget of 128 million USD.

4. Tokyo Race Course (Japan)

Built in 1933 with a capacity of about 233,000 people. This is one of Asia’s largest and most modern racecourse.

Tokyo Racecourse has a total of 5 tracks and the longest track is about 3.2 km. Tokyo Racecourse is also famous for its record-breaking HD screen, approximately 750 m2.

Horse Racing Trend in a Number of Countries Across the World Is Fuelling the Market, according to Equine Healthcare Market

Transparency Market Research (TMR) recently reported that the vendor landscape for the global horse healthcare market is estimated to have got largely fragmented. There is a tough competition between players due to a large number of industries manufacturing the same product range. The global equine healthcare market can greatly benefit by expanding geographically and targeting regional markets. This will give promising growth opportunities for developing regions such as the Asia Pacific.

Some leading players in the global equine healthcare market include Vetoquinol S.A., Sanofi (Merial), Eli Lilly and Company (Elanco), EQUINE PRODUCTS UK LTD, and Ceva Santé Animale. Minerals and vitamins show high nutritional supplement demand, based on supplemental feed additives segmentation. North America and Europe, the regions that hold larger shares in the market, are leading the global equine healthcare market. The reason is the significant expenditure, increased equine adoption rates as per household, and high-interest equine healthcare in the region.

China Emerging as the Leading Player by Providing Equine Nutritional Supplements

Horse racing trend in some countries is fuelling the market in spite of several government restrictions. A lot of horse owners are interested in taking part in equine events such as horse racing, and shows, increasing the demand for quality breed horses that are even exported to countries like China due to their breed standards providing high prices to traders. China might emerge as the leading market for equine healthcare products such as drugs, vaccines, and nutritional supplements for the horses.

Especially in the regions of North America, horse riding has become a popular trend among grown-ups. Because of this, there is a steady increase in the equine industry of medical welfare of the horses. This is the positive factor that will help the equine healthcare market growth in the coming years.

The Decrease in Number of Equine Species Due to Lack of Supervision

In spite of so much care and concern, there is still a decline in the number of equine species. The reason may be the lack or excess of water intake, proper nutrition, more training to the horses and less resting time that make the equines get tired and exhausted. Some other reasons might also remain unknown. Because of the decrease in the number of equine species over the world, the market might face problems in the long run.

However, there is a rise in demand for pet insurance worldwide, that is likely to open new scope for the global equine healthcare market in the coming years.

The secrets to choose the best racing horsehorse for horses

The pure horse race is one of the world-famous horse breeds. This breed is well cared for the current horse races. However, among the fierce horses, there are still horses with modest health. So to limit the selection of those horses, you need to know to know the secret of choosing a good horse.

It is difficult to choose a good thoroughbred horse race. Almost everyone who has plenty of experience can really choose a good horse. However, there is no way for people to find a proper horse race. As long as you are interested in the horse’s health system and know how to ride a horse.

Learn about how to increase fitness before kicking the ball of professional players. They did how to compete in the whole match. Let’s explore together!

Identify good horses through the physique

There are many opinions that the age of horses is not related to the selection of thoroughbred racehorses. However, this idea is completely wrong with the secret of choosing a racehorse. Because age will affect a lot to the racing process.

For example, if the horse’s age gets older, the horse’s health will decrease. At this time their resistance becomes weak and it is very easy to get sick when the weather changes. This problem will greatly affect the running speed of the horse during the race. So how to determine the age of purebred horses? Of course, you need to consider the horse’s teeth system.

The age of the horse

Usually, adult horse teeth will have nearly 40 teeth. Each such function will have about 20 main teeth. These include 6 baby teeth, 6 molars, 2 canines and 6 teeth near the jaw. For 9-month-old horses, there are a total of 28 main teeth. Each molar tooth has 14 teeth including 2 canines, 6 incisors, and 6 teeth near the jaw.

Although the determination of this pure horse age is not 100% accurate. However, despite the difference, it is only from 1 to 2 years old. So experts often determine age by this way.

Best Destinations for Horse Riding in the World (part 2)

3. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz people are said to be born on horseback. In Kyrgyzstan’s remote villages and mountains, babies are taught to sit in the saddle before they can walk. Horse trekking used to be the only way to get around. Nowadays, it still is for many people.

Take a horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan to discover its nomadic culture. Follow in ancient traders’ footsteps on the Great Silk Road, the world’s most complex system of caravan routes that connected the West and East across the roof of the world.

You can go horse trekking just about anywhere in Kyrgyzstan, the country that is famous for jaw-dropping lakes and tall mountains. And the only thing you need is to be fit enough to withstand the long journeys on horseback.

Kyrgyzstan’s most popular horse treks are the trails to Song Kol Lake, the country’s largest freshwater lake, and Issyk Kul Lake, the world’s second-largest alpine lake. Thebest time to take a horse riding trip in Kyrgyzstan is in summer, between June and September, when the weather is warmer and the roads are accessible.

4. Argentina

Horsemanship has been a way of life for Argentina’s people for centuries. Horses have been the inseparable partners of the gaucho – Argentina’s cowboy.  Take a pack trip in Argentina to experience the gaucho way of life by riding horses through the pampas and pristine valleys of Patagonia.

Visit spectacular national parks in the Northern Patagonian Andes. Nahuel Huapi National Park, also known as Argentina’s Lake District, is just outside the laid-back mountain town of Bariloche. The most popular horse riding trail in this South America’s oldest national park is Ruta de los Siete Lagos (“the Seven Lakes Route”).

On the border with Chile, the Lanin National Park is home to lunar landscapes, glacial lakes, and the snow-capped Lanin Volcano. Head to the south of Bariloche, explore the Lago Puelo National Park, which is a sublime Patagonian forest surrounding a turquoise lake. 

The best time to take a horse riding trip in Argentina is during summer, from October to May. You must be well prepared for long adventure trips that cover a lot of ground.

America’s horse racing industry faces a big challenge

When the North American Triple Crown season (including three Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont – ND) approaches, the focus of attention should be on the winning candidates of the Kentucky Derby. Instead, Santa Anita racetrack must suspend activities due to the mass death of horses, causing people to ask questions about the safety of the race.

A young horse named Lets Light the Way has recently been killed after breaking a sesame bone in the ankle joint. Since December 26 last year, there have been a total of 21 racecourse deaths when competing or practicing at Santa. Earlier in 2017, 20 deaths occurred within 122 days of racing, according to data from the Jockey Club racehorse company.

“The safety, health and welfare conditions of horses and jockey are our top priorities,” said Tim Ritvo, executive director of Stronach Group, which owns the track, said in An announcement. “While we continue to conduct tests to ensure the safety of the track, the closure decision is a must at this time.”

This is the second time in eight days that the famous racetrack under the San Gabriel Mountains is closed.

Since the 2008 Kentucky Derby race, when the young Eight Belles was killed after finishing second, officials of the entertainment industry were concerned that a similar incident might make the sport become lost.

In a series of incidents in 2012, 24 racing horses died each week at tracks across the United States, many of them in shock or lack of regulatory protection. This prompted regulations to help protect racing horses across the country and reduce the number of deaths.

For example, in 2017, the ratio of horse racing to death is only about 1.61 / 1,000, compared to 2/1000 in 2009. In California, the number of dead horses has decreased by 60% in the last 13 years, with most of the decline occurring over the past few years, according to the California Horse Racing Council.

Best Destinations for Horse Riding in the World (part 1)

Instead of opting for a five-star hotel, go back to nature on a horse riding trip for a true wilderness experience and explore the backcountry on a multi-day adventure. Ride through steep mountain passes, lush forests, and crystal-clear rivers on a sure-footed horse, sipping coffee brewed over the fire, and sleeping under a blanket of stars. This is the purest form of horse riding!

You can go horse camping anywhere there is nature and horses are allowed. But there are some of the world’s best places that really stand out.

1. Mongolia

There is a Mongolian proverb “A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without the wings.” In fact, horses are  central to life in Mongolia, and its horses outnumber its human population.

Join a horse riding trip in Mongolia and let its horses guide you through the contrasting landscapes of the country. You will have the chance to visit some of the world’s most isolated regions, from the wilderness in the north to the Gobi Desert in the south and the vast steppes in between. Enjoy one of the world’s last surviving horse cultures, in which just little has changed since Genghis Khan’s conquest. Immerse yourself in the country’s nomadic way of life and discover how an entire empire was won on horseback.

When planning a horse riding trip in Mongolia, remember that the country has a harsh climate. Summers are short while winters are long and cold. So, the best time to have a horse riding trip in Mongolia is between June and September.

2. USA

There’s no better way to experience the backcountry of the Western United States than on horseback. The perfect time to go on a horse riding trip in the US is summer months, and the best destinations for a multi-day adventure in the saddle are the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and Utah.

It is great to ride an American Quarter horse deep into the Rocky Mountains, through wilderness areas and natural parks, cooling off by glaciers and alpine lakes, against an awe-inspiring background with snow-capped peaks.

The Grand Slam Rolex horse riding contest

The Grand Slam Rolex is a new challenge in history created in 2013 from the merger of the three largest horse racing disciplines in the world including CHIO Aachen International Horse, CSIO Spruce Meadows round-robin competition ‘Masters’ and events CHI Geneva.

In 2018, the Dutch Masters horse show became the Rolex Grand Slam’s fourth race in Show Jumping, with the participation of the world’s best riders, adding the opportunity to win the coveted prize in this sport. Known as the world’s leading horse jumping competition, the Rolex Grand Slam horse jumping tournament awards athletes who win consecutively in these three categories.

This is a great dream of athletes, a symbol typical of enthusiastic and passionate people. This has a strong charisma that makes them unite together on the solemn stage, with the same dedication and passion. With skillful dance steps, elegant slow trotters, wonderful smooth movements, the Aachen tournament simulates unexpected events that no one can predict.

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Canada, the event takes place in a wonderful setting, as well as the perfect facilities for the best horses and riders in the world, competing with the best of their abilities.

Since 1996, Rolex has become the main sponsor of the CHI Geneva event, a preeminent competition held for the first time 58. Voted as the world’s best horse riding event for the past 9 times, The Geneva International Horse Show event offers great performances by veteran athletes at the world’s largest indoor racecourse for four days with fierce competition.

Born in 1966 and held in the ancient Dutch city of S-Hertogenbosch, the Dutch Masters event – previously known as the Indoor Brabant – attracted a combination of top horses and riding athletes in the world. The combination of amazing obstacle performances and clever horse control techniques has enhanced the location of this event at the height of the indoor sports show.