Five Fastest Horse Breeds for Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport and remains a crowd favorite in the modern era. If there is an animal sharing a human’s need for speed, it is the horse. In terms of racehorses, they are given with names, kept in pristine conditions, have excellent grooming, have perfect diets, and undergo adequate exercise.

These racehorses are treated so well that they are compared to elite athletes. Though standard races are restricted by breed, some types of races use specific breeds. Let’s look at the fastest racing horses.


The thoroughbred is arguably the best breed for racing, so it is a standard pick for most bettors. Thoroughbreds are muscular, have long legs, a short back, and a broadhead. This horse breed is the top choice for racing.

Racing horse

Quarter Horse

The name Quarter Horse reflects this breed’s remarkable speed over a quarter-mile distance. These horses are known for their sprinting. Some of them clocked in at an excess of over 50 mph for a quarter-mile distance. Quarter horses are muscular, have a broad chest, small and short head, and strong hindquarters.


The color patterns and striped hooves distinguish Appaloosa horses. Appaloosas horses are medium in size. There are Appaloosa-only races happening mostly in the western parts of the world. Cutting, roping, reining, show jumping, and barrel racing are great events for this horse breed.

Appaloosas are also famous for their immense speed thanks to their gait. Some of them can even outrun thoroughbreds as well as other racing-oriented breeds.


In terms of harness racing and trotting, Standardbreds are good options. These horses usually weigh up to 800 to 1000 lbs, have sturdy legs and shoulders, heavier hindquarters, and long muscular bodies. Standardbreds are used for a wide selection of events like the show, pleasure riding, and racing. They are also known for their excellent behavior.


Arabians are known for their high intelligence, spirit, stamina, strength, and gentleness. These horses are also easy to train, making this horse breed legendary in the racing world. They have broad foreheads, large eyes, small muzzles, and large nostrils.