Best Destinations for Horse Riding in the World (part 2)

3. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz people are said to be born on horseback. In Kyrgyzstan’s remote villages and mountains, babies are taught to sit in the saddle before they can walk. Horse trekking used to be the only way to get around. Nowadays, it still is for many people.

Take a horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan to discover its nomadic culture. Follow in ancient traders’ footsteps on the Great Silk Road, the world’s most complex system of caravan routes that connected the West and East across the roof of the world.

You can go horse trekking just about anywhere in Kyrgyzstan, the country that is famous for jaw-dropping lakes and tall mountains. And the only thing you need is to be fit enough to withstand the long journeys on horseback.

Kyrgyzstan’s most popular horse treks are the trails to Song Kol Lake, the country’s largest freshwater lake, and Issyk Kul Lake, the world’s second-largest alpine lake. Thebest time to take a horse riding trip in Kyrgyzstan is in summer, between June and September, when the weather is warmer and the roads are accessible.

4. Argentina

Horsemanship has been a way of life for Argentina’s people for centuries. Horses have been the inseparable partners of the gaucho – Argentina’s cowboy.  Take a pack trip in Argentina to experience the gaucho way of life by riding horses through the pampas and pristine valleys of Patagonia.

Visit spectacular national parks in the Northern Patagonian Andes. Nahuel Huapi National Park, also known as Argentina’s Lake District, is just outside the laid-back mountain town of Bariloche. The most popular horse riding trail in this South America’s oldest national park is Ruta de los Siete Lagos (“the Seven Lakes Route”).

On the border with Chile, the Lanin National Park is home to lunar landscapes, glacial lakes, and the snow-capped Lanin Volcano. Head to the south of Bariloche, explore the Lago Puelo National Park, which is a sublime Patagonian forest surrounding a turquoise lake. 

The best time to take a horse riding trip in Argentina is during summer, from October to May. You must be well prepared for long adventure trips that cover a lot of ground.