Horse Riding Tips For Beginners (part 2)

3. Mount with confidence

The horse can become uneasy if you’re nervous. When you go on a ranch vacation, you can find that the horses are typically trained to be mounted on the left side. Your guide usually holds your horse’s head while you’re mounting, but if not, ask someone to do it to keep him not to move while you get on him. Then lift your left foot into the stirrup, use your left hand to hold both reins, propel yourself up with your right leg, and try to mount as smoothly as you can. Instead of pushing your horse down with your arms, put your hands on his back but just for balance in order to avoid hurting him.

4. Sit up straight and relaxed

The best position to control your horse is to sit up tall and straight, you’re your back relaxed, gently hold the reins, set a foot in each stirrup, and hold your balance so that you won’t make your horse feel like he’s carrying a heavier load.

Horse riding tips

5. Be gentle with the reins

Relax your arms and never pull too hard so that you won’t hurt your horse. Your arms should normally form right angles at the elbow.

If you want to direct your horse to the left, move the left rein towards the left in motion. To steer to the right, do the same with the right rein. If you want to stop, gently pull back and push the heels down.

6. Don’t hold the saddle horn to stay on

Perhaps you will find a saddle horn in your saddle that you can hold on to. However, if you feel unstable, instead of counting on it to keep your balance, try adjusting your posture, holding the reins more gently or extending your legs.

If there’s an unexpected situation along the way, the habit of holding the saddle horn can cause a much more ineffective position to keep you stable and you’ll be more likely to fall. You should avoid developing bad habits that could hurt you in the long run right from the start.