How to straight the balance while riding a horse

Horseback riding is a technically difficult sport. It requires riders to coordinate movements and coordinate well with the horse in order to be able to ride the horse most properly and avoid injury caused by a fall. One of the most basic of horse riding techniques is center of gravity stabilization. Sitting on horseback with precise posture and the center of gravity is stable very well for the back. To do this, the rider needs to have strength and a straight spine, in addition to good control of the horse’s temperament.

And to be able to control the horse to move at his or her discretion requires more strength and effort to adjust the body state. Doing this job is also good for your back because it helps increase the strength of the entire body. At the same time always create a comfortable, happy and less stressful position. Because when sitting improperly and in a tense mood, the horse is also tense. From there they will not be able to control their speed and may run faster in the beginning. A rider with good center of gravity will increase strength and improve back health while riding as long as there is no loss of the horse.

The next horse riding technique to grasp no matter what conditions is sitting balance. If you do not know how to sit properly, it is very difficult to contact the horse. Sit up straight and create a 90 degree angle and heel on the pedal. When you find it difficult to recognize, you can imagine having a straight line behind your back that will help the body distribute the weight more evenly.

A rider who is not able to stabilize his center of gravity and good posture is unlikely to improve the rider’s back health. This can only change when they are first instructed to stabilize the center of gravity and then apply this knowledge while sitting on the saddle. Lumbar belts can be used for back support to reduce the impact on the lumbar joints during horseback activity. Intelligent and precise riding control is the key to minimizing back tension while riding and avoiding complications while riding.