Racing industry receives clarity over stake stages

Fears of a chaotic fall apart of horse racing stakes have been allayed for the relaxation of this season as a minimum.

The thoroughbred and harness racing codes have revealed the money horses can race for in what remains of this Covid-19 interrupted season, and at the same time as ordinary less money could be dispensed, the stake money is as excellent as might have been hoped for after NZ racing become closed down for 6 weeks.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing will hold thirteen conferences in July, racing for a stake of $15,000 consistent with race, irrespective of elegance.

For the connections of maiden horses that will be an growth as they could often race for $10,000 whereas for the higher graded horses a $15,000 stake will be a discount on their traditional Saturday stakes but one most connections will cop for the month of July.

NZTR boss Bernard Saundry says the flat stakes plan is to spread the money as calmly as possible throughout the industry, however reiterated they’re only guaranteed till the brand new season starts on August 1.

The figures are notably exceptional from some of those being banded around within the industry, which has been plagued by means of a lack of credible data considering the fact that Covid-19 closed it.

The $15,000 stakes can also be break up in another way, with winners and placegetters getting a smaller percentage so the connections off all horses can get some cash to cover charges.

For tracks together with Invercargill and Cambridge, two of the four harness tracks with the intention to be used for the remainder of the season, the ones stake levels will not be a extremely good decrease but Alexandra Park could be the song where the stakes fall most.

The Auckland Trotting membership has had truely the nice stakes in New Zealand for several years, including masses of their personal cash to the majority investment furnished by Harness Racing New Zealand.

But with out a income from its many businesses at Alexandra Park and enormous debt striking over its belongings trends, they might not be topping up the HRNZ stakes input for months to return, possibly even the remainder of this year.