Make friend with your horse before racing or riding

In order to perform the equestrian technique, it is necessary to prepare the equestrian horse, there are currently 4 main types of horses like the American Saddlebred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso Fino have been bred to serve riding, walking people. , it is best to start with a gentle and gentle horse. Choosing the type of horse that you want, there are many different types of horses, there are some of the most popular:

  • Saddlebred is an American horse breed, famous for its stylish presence and tenderness.
  • Missouri Fox Trotter is an American horse breed, known for its endurance, useful for towing or using on farms.
  • Tennessee Walker is an American horse breed used exclusively for walking riding. They have a flashy style, but calm positioning.
  • Paso Fino is a horse breed in South America, this is a priority for horse shows or gaucho shows.

The simplest way of riding is to get acquainted with the horse that will be riding. If you do not get used to them will not be a perfect start. The first requirement is to greet and talk to the horse that you will ride. Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals. These initial steps will make the practice easier afterward. Only from small steps to impress the horse will ride so stroked it, get used to and get along with them. You need to look into its eyes, accompanied by sweet words of comfort.

But stroking and giving him hugs is not enough. Close contact with the horse is needed for the horse to obey because horse riding techniques require interactions with the horse. Then, show yourself as someone who respects it, do not indulge in an animal, beat it, or scare it with aggressive actions such as punching, kicking, kicking. Because sometimes animals are afraid to run suddenly or take instinctive actions can completely surprise and cause unfortunate consequences. In Europe, students will clean their horses themselves before riding. In Asia, there are still tips to get acquainted with horses when jockey clean their own stable, even some people put horse manure on them to think they are fellow.

Getting to know the horse is very important, playing an essential role in the success or failure of the race. Without understanding the personality of the horse he rides, the risk is common. The professional riders easily contact loyal animals by many methods. However, there are riders who know how to master the technique that can still be broken by ribs, broken legs, and bitten by some unpredictable horses.

Horse racing in Great Britain postponed until the end of April due to the coronavirus outbreak

All horse racing events in Great Britain will be suspended until the end of April due to the coronavirus outbreak.

On March 16th, though the Grand National meeting was canceled, it was announced that racing would take place behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s meetings at Wetherby and Taunton went ahead without spectators.

The British Horseracing Authority said that the decision will be kept under constant review.

The chief executive of the BHA, Nick Rust, said that this is a national emergency that they have never seen before. He added that horse racing is a sport that proudly connects to rural communities and to the local businesses. However, their first duty is to protect public health, their customers, as well as racing industry participants and staff. Therefore, they have decided to suspend racing following the latest advice of the government.

Racing in Ireland still goes on behind closed doors with the Irish Grand National meeting being scheduled for 11-13 April and the Punchestown festival still being planned on 28 April.

However, the Kentucky Derby of America has been postponed from 2 May to 5 September. Since the Second World War, it will be the first time that the event does not take place on the first Saturday in May.

Known as the Run for the Roses, America’s Kentucky Derby is followed in the Triple Crown of US racing by the Belmont Stakes and Preakness Stakes, which are also to be postponed.

Racing had soldiered on and managed to get the showpiece Cheltenham Festival completed while other sports came to a halt.

But after the non-essential contact recommendations, the Grand National was canceled and it might be inevitable that this news would follow.

In terms of horse racing, concerns might be higher than elsewhere because it employs up to 100,000 from casual workers to stud farms to horse transporters on a race-day, on top of the more obvious trainers, jockeys, bookmakers, etc.

Practice Horse Riding with the Awesome Games You Will Definitely Love

Do you adore horses? There are many reasons to love a horse, right? They have become a lot of things to you – for example, a friend and a companion. They nurture the enjoyment and imagination of life. They keep you close to nature. As creatures of beauty, they remind us of the world’s natural wonders. Also, many horse games are developed, which is an excellent chance for you to be a real cowboy/ cowgirl, take care of adorable horses, and race to the horizon. Below are some of the amazing ones you may not want to miss.

1.    Bandits Multiplayer PVP – It’s necessary for you to ride your horse around the landscape and take down bandits coming into your path. 

In the 3D multiplayer game, anarchy has taken on a town. The cowboys have gone to war. It’s necessary for you to ride your horse around the landscape and take down bandits coming into your path. 

Different weapons can be used when you ride the horse into battle. Use your sword, bow, or pistol to take down the bandits. Have fun, and good luck trying!

Three map options and three weapon options are available. There are six game modes. 

For the game controls, use 1,2,3 to draw the weapon. Move with the arrow keys or WASD. Jump with the Spacebar. Sprint with the left shift. Rely on the left or right mouse button to attack 1 or 2. Pause with Tab. Chat with T. M is for the map. 

2.    Stallion’s Spirit – Have fun playing the game!

This 3D horse racing game is intense. Though you begin with only one available horse, it’s possible for you to unlock more when you win the races. Stay away from every obstacle and be the first one to arrive at the finish line. Disturb the competitors using a variety of power-ups.

There are six challenging tracks. Multiplayer feature is available to race against other global players.

To control the movement, use WASD or the arrow keys. X is for utilizing the power-up. Jump with the Spacebar. Pause with P. Mute with M. 

Three Simple Ways To Get Into Horse Racing In 2020

There are a variety of exciting sports that you can get into these days, but horse racing is certainly one of the most unique activities you can try. For those that are looking to get into this sport for the first time, it might seem that this sport is quite hard to master, and what’s even more important, very expensive to practice. However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. Read on this article to find out three simple ways to get into horse racing in 2020.

Do Some Reading

The first tip that we have for those who want to get into horse racing in the new year is to do some extra research on it. You might just find that once you do some reading on this sport that you start to see what is so appealing about it. Many jockeys have written books on their careers and there are plenty more resources available for you to enjoy. You can even check blogs which are likely to have more content for you to enjoy.

Play Horse Racing Games

Did you know that there are some games that you can play online that are based on horse racing? Yggdrasil gaming offer a game called Racing Lovers which might just be the best game to get you into this sport. While it won’t be like watching the real thing, it can be very fun. There are plenty of other developers who use the horse racing theme for their games so make sure to have a look online and see what you can find.

Head To A Race

If you have never been to a racecourse before then this might be why you don’t enjoy horse racing as much as you would like. Watching it on the TV isn’t as exciting as visiting a real racecourse and so this is something which you should consider. There are plenty of racecourses in Ireland that have regular races on for you. The most exciting events are those which have lots of people attend and a full day is made of it. Head to the next race day and you’ll soon see what this sport has to offer.

The United States’ Biggest Horse Racing Events in 2020

Horse racing is booming in NJ – a sport that a lot of people enjoy watching and placing bets every week. So what do American horse racing fans have to look forward to in 2020? Here is a list of the best events for thoroughbred racehorses.

Kentucky Derby

The Run for the Roses is still the ultimate test for American three-year-old thoroughbreds. It endures as the most historic and significant equivalent to the British Classics on which it is based and somehow seems infinitely most prestigious than other US Triple Crown events, the Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

May 2, 2020, is the date for the next Kentucky Derby. Run over about a mile-and-a-quarter at Churchill Downs in Louisville in the Bluegrass State, the winner is often unraced as a two-year-old making it tough for bettors to have a long-term gamble.

Belmont Stakes and Gold Cup Invitational

Belmont Park on the edge of New York City hosts the third and final leg of the US Triple Crown, plus an invitational contest for stayers. The Belmont Stakes is run on dirt over a mile-and-a-half sometimes five, but in this coming year’s case six weeks after the Kentucky Derby.

The Belmont Gold Cup Invitational over two miles is for four-year-olds and up. Transatlantic raiders from France, Ireland and the UK have lined up in recent renewals, so it’s well worth keeping an eye out for the best horse racing tips on this event which takes place in 2020 on June 13.

American Grand National

Horse racing in the US tends to focus on Flat thoroughbreds, but those with an aptitude for jumps can contest the American Grand National at Far Hills just outside the New York City limits in New Jersey.

As with the Belmont Gold Cup in nearby Elmont, horses from Britain and Ireland have in recent years come over to contest this race, which is more of a hurdles event than a traditional National Hunt steeplechase.

Brain Power from the mighty English stable of Nicky Henderson took the 2019 running when Irish raider Wicklow Brave sadly suffered a fatal fall in front at the final flight. The American Grand National of 2020 is penciled in for October 17.

Top 10 most famous racecourses in the world

From beaches, lakes, snow-capped mountains to magnificent castles, the 10 racecourses below are considered to be located in the most beautiful locations in the world.

Santa Anita Racecourse (USA)

Santa Anita Racecource - USA
Santa Anita Racecource – USA

This racecourse was built in the city of Arcadia, the USA in 1924. It was dubbed the splendid, most modern racecourse in the world with a 1.6 km long track and accommodates more than 26,000 seats. Not only the racecourse, but Santa Anita is also a complex of parks, amusement parks and picnic areas of 1.3 hectares right inside it.

Aintree Racecourse (UK)

Aintree Racecourse (UK)
Aintree Racecourse (UK)

The Aintree complex also owns a large displacement racing track, a golf course, entertainment facilities such as a square, a restaurant, a theater, a spa with a total area of up to 3 hectares.

Aintree racecourse was built in 1829 in the port city of Liverpool, England, Aintree is one of the oldest racecourses in the world with nearly 200 years of age. The racecourse owns 6 tracks, the longest being 6 km.

Flemington Racecourse (Australia)

Flemington Racecourse (Australia)
Flemington Racecourse (Australia)

Built in 1840 in Melbourne, Flemington racecourse is the most modern race in Oceania and has a record capacity of up to 120,000 seats. Flemington is the oldest racecourse in Australia and is also the venue for the Melbourne Cup. Flemington ranked 3rd in the top 10 most beautiful racecourse in the world.

This race has a total of 6 tracks and the longest race is up to 3.2 km. Last March, the racecourse had just built a grandstand area with a cost of $ 128 million.

Tokyo Racecourse (Japan)

Tokyo Racecourse (Japan)
Tokyo Racecourse (Japan)

Tokyo racecourse was built in 1933 with a capacity of about 233,000 people. This is one of the largest and most modern racecourse in Asia.

Tokyo racecourse has a total of 5 tracks and the longest is about 3.2 km. Tokyo Racecourse is also famous for its record-breaking large HD screen, approximately 750 m2.

Saratoga Racecourse (USA)

The Saratoga racecourse was built in 1863 in the city of Saratoga Springs, and it survived two world wars, even being closed during the period when American law prohibited betting.

Saratoga Racecourse (USA)
Saratoga Racecourse (USA)

The racecourse can accommodate about 50,000 spectators and 3 racecourse, this is also one of the 4 oldest racecourses in the US.

Meydan Racecourse (UAE)

Meydan Racecourse is like a small city located in the most luxurious city on the planet Dubai.

Meydan Racecourse (UAE)

According to CNN, this racecourse complex which is built in 2010 has a total budget of over $ 1 billion with a capacity of up to 60,000 seats including a full range of hotel services, resorts, museums, restaurants and Of course, all are 5 stars.

Epsom Downs Racecourse (UK)

Epsom Downs, which is built in 1661, with nearly 400 years of age, is one of the first racecourses in Europe and in the world.

Epsom Downs Racecourse (UK)

With a capacity of about 160.00 spectators, the racecourse has the longest 2.4 km track. Like many other racecourses in the UK, Epsom Downs also owns a chain of restaurants, golf courses, and other expensive facilities.

Longchamp Racecourse (France)

This 57-hectare track racecourse went into operation in 1857 in Paris, France. The racecourse accommodates more than 50,000 people who hosted Emperor Napoleon III more than 150 years ago.

Longchamp Racecourse (France)

In April 2018, Longchamp has just completed the upgrade process worth more than 155 million USD.

Ascot Racecourse (UK)

In England, racecourses were often thought of as a gathering place for the nobility and the rich, while Ascot was a place where the Royal Family members frequented. This racecourse is the only race allowed to name the track after the names of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Ascot Racecourse (UK)

This racecourse is also a favorite destination for betting people in Europe. The total amount of weekly bets in Ascot is approximately 5 million pounds (about 148 billion).

Churchill Downs racecourse (USA)

Built in 1875 in the city of Louisville, Churchill Downs holds the record for the largest audience event, more than 170,000 people in 2015.

Churchill Downs racecourse (USA)

The racecourse has a total area of 59 hectares, with full facilities such as restaurants, theaters, shopping centers.

Longines Masters of Hong Kong 2019 indoor horse racing

Universities in Asia – Pacific accelerate innovation with artificial intelligence HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach A series of the world’s most prestigious international obstacle racing events in 2019 (published by considered the Grand Slam of the annual indoor obstacle course) will continue with the Longines Masters of Hong Kong 2019 Indoor Horse Racing which takes place from February 15 to February 17, 2019.

Previously, the competitive season was started with the indoor horse race held in Paris (France) and will continue in April 2019 with the indoor horse racing tournament in New York (USA).

This is the 7th time, Hong Kong is hosting the world’s leading stature indoor horse racing competition. In addition to the indoor obstacle race, there are many other important events such as the Asian Horse Week – a conference lasting 3 days (from February 14 to February 16, 2019) gathers the leading characters and officials in the world racing village, along with many fun activities, entertainment, food, etc.

The indoor obstacle course in Hong Kong features 6 competitions with a prize money of USD 680,620. For the first time, talented Asian riders will have the opportunity to compete with the world’s top horse racing stars. The grand final (Longines Grand Prix of Hong Kong) is going to be the pinnacle of technical competency, the skill of riding a horse to overcome various obstacles. The winner of each stage of the Grand Series The slam will receive a Super Grand Slam bonus worth up to 2,250,000 million euros.

Mr. Christophe Ameeuw, founder and CEO of EEM commented: “We are delighted to be back in Hong Kong with a show full of emotions, colors and promises of no less surprises. We invite all fans and families to come to the competition to enjoy the great, excitement and discover the miracles, full of attraction of this high-end equestrian sport ”.

Mr. Anthony Lau, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Department (HTB) said: “We are delighted to see the prestigious Longines Masters horse race returning to Hong Kong, the only place in Asia to have the honor. This big project. This event once again strengthens Hong Kong’s status as the capital of major events in Asia. ”

Five Fastest Horse Breeds for Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport and remains a crowd favorite in the modern era. If there is an animal sharing a human’s need for speed, it is the horse. In terms of racehorses, they are given with names, kept in pristine conditions, have excellent grooming, have perfect diets, and undergo adequate exercise.

These racehorses are treated so well that they are compared to elite athletes. Though standard races are restricted by breed, some types of races use specific breeds. Let’s look at the fastest racing horses.


The thoroughbred is arguably the best breed for racing, so it is a standard pick for most bettors. Thoroughbreds are muscular, have long legs, a short back, and a broadhead. This horse breed is the top choice for racing.

Racing horse

Quarter Horse

The name Quarter Horse reflects this breed’s remarkable speed over a quarter-mile distance. These horses are known for their sprinting. Some of them clocked in at an excess of over 50 mph for a quarter-mile distance. Quarter horses are muscular, have a broad chest, small and short head, and strong hindquarters.


The color patterns and striped hooves distinguish Appaloosa horses. Appaloosas horses are medium in size. There are Appaloosa-only races happening mostly in the western parts of the world. Cutting, roping, reining, show jumping, and barrel racing are great events for this horse breed.

Appaloosas are also famous for their immense speed thanks to their gait. Some of them can even outrun thoroughbreds as well as other racing-oriented breeds.


In terms of harness racing and trotting, Standardbreds are good options. These horses usually weigh up to 800 to 1000 lbs, have sturdy legs and shoulders, heavier hindquarters, and long muscular bodies. Standardbreds are used for a wide selection of events like the show, pleasure riding, and racing. They are also known for their excellent behavior.


Arabians are known for their high intelligence, spirit, stamina, strength, and gentleness. These horses are also easy to train, making this horse breed legendary in the racing world. They have broad foreheads, large eyes, small muzzles, and large nostrils.

A basic guide on how to ride a horse for beginners (Part 2)

Keep your feet balanced

Often, many first-time horsemen use the method of riding their feet on the side of the horse. However, this is completely wrong because they will affect the horse control. Therefore, it is best to gently touch the side of the horse with the foot. At the same time, your knees should be bent and the heel lower than your toes.

Balance sitting technique

The next horse riding technique that you need to grasp no matter what condition is sitting on balance. If you do not know how to sit properly, it is difficult to contact the horse. Moreover the horse will find it more difficult to carry you on your back.

Therefore, to be effective, sit upright and create a 90-degree angle and heel on the pedal. If you find it difficult to recognize, you can imagine having a straight line behind you. This will help your body distribute your weight more evenly.

Wear protective gear before riding

Equestrian technique is also one of the interesting issues about how to ride without falling and how to choose a pure horse when riding without harming you. So it is not difficult to tell the love cards to find a good partner for them or not to find a suitable mate for you, as well as finding a pure horse with you to learn horse riding. Simplicity requires you to persevere.

At the same time always give yourself a relaxed, happy and stress-free mood. Because when you sit improperly and your mood is tense, the horse is also nervous. Since then they will not control the speed and can run faster at the beginning.

Manual horse control by body

Body-rearing is a horse control technique when cornering. To perform this technique, you need to use the pelvic floor muscles to indicate the direction of running. Drive your pelvis forward or backward to encourage the horse. With this signal, you can fully control the horse no matter what bend.

In addition to the above riding techniques, it is also important to pay attention to the reins. Be sure not to pull the reins too tight and let them loosen up a bit. So you can easily send a signal to your horse.

A basic guide on how to ride a horse for beginners (Part 1)

Horse riding is considered a difficult sport to play. They require the user to be extremely observant and know how to coordinate the movements. Especially when riding horses, players need to be very skilled or it will be very easy to get injured. So what do people who start playing this sport do?

Prepare riding horses and equestrian protection equipment

In order to perform the equestrian technique, of course you need to prepare the equestrian. According to statistics, there are currently four main types of horses. Which eg like Saddlebred USA, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso Fino. However, it is best to start with a horse that is gentle and gentle.

Once you’ve got your horse ready, take some theoretical horse riding classes. Find an instructor to help you understand how to ride and choose thoroughbred horses. Then try experimenting with talking or talking to horses. This way, you will easily approach and control the horse during the ride.

In addition, you should also prepare protective equipment such as helmets, protective shoes. Or the elbow and elbow protectors. Combined with the physical exercises such as Jump Jacks, Butt Kickers, stretching, hip, etc. These exercises will help the body to be comfortable, mentally alert and limit muscle infarction.

Learn basic riding techniques

In the opinion of the teachers, the basic riding technique in general is quite difficult. Because they don’t just depend on the will of the rider. It also depends in part on how to capture tips to control the horse. Therefore, to be able to ride a horse for the first time, you should keep in mind the following main points.

Climb on horseback

When you climb on a horse, you also need a solid performance technique. You need to stand beside the horse and hold the reins in your left hand. You then put your left foot on the pedals of the saddle and then turn the right foot to climb. While climbing, be sure to lower yourself down to the saddle to avoid startling.