Make friend with your horse before racing or riding

In order to perform the equestrian technique, it is necessary to prepare the equestrian horse, there are currently 4 main types of horses like the American Saddlebred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso Fino have been bred to serve riding, walking people. , it is best to start with a gentle and gentle horse. Choosing the type of horse that you want, there are many different types of horses, there are some of the most popular:

  • Saddlebred is an American horse breed, famous for its stylish presence and tenderness.
  • Missouri Fox Trotter is an American horse breed, known for its endurance, useful for towing or using on farms.
  • Tennessee Walker is an American horse breed used exclusively for walking riding. They have a flashy style, but calm positioning.
  • Paso Fino is a horse breed in South America, this is a priority for horse shows or gaucho shows.

The simplest way of riding is to get acquainted with the horse that will be riding. If you do not get used to them will not be a perfect start. The first requirement is to greet and talk to the horse that you will ride. Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals. These initial steps will make the practice easier afterward. Only from small steps to impress the horse will ride so stroked it, get used to and get along with them. You need to look into its eyes, accompanied by sweet words of comfort.

But stroking and giving him hugs is not enough. Close contact with the horse is needed for the horse to obey because horse riding techniques require interactions with the horse. Then, show yourself as someone who respects it, do not indulge in an animal, beat it, or scare it with aggressive actions such as punching, kicking, kicking. Because sometimes animals are afraid to run suddenly or take instinctive actions can completely surprise and cause unfortunate consequences. In Europe, students will clean their horses themselves before riding. In Asia, there are still tips to get acquainted with horses when jockey clean their own stable, even some people put horse manure on them to think they are fellow.

Getting to know the horse is very important, playing an essential role in the success or failure of the race. Without understanding the personality of the horse he rides, the risk is common. The professional riders easily contact loyal animals by many methods. However, there are riders who know how to master the technique that can still be broken by ribs, broken legs, and bitten by some unpredictable horses.

A basic guide on how to ride a horse for beginners (Part 2)

Keep your feet balanced

Often, many first-time horsemen use the method of riding their feet on the side of the horse. However, this is completely wrong because they will affect the horse control. Therefore, it is best to gently touch the side of the horse with the foot. At the same time, your knees should be bent and the heel lower than your toes.

Balance sitting technique

The next horse riding technique that you need to grasp no matter what condition is sitting on balance. If you do not know how to sit properly, it is difficult to contact the horse. Moreover the horse will find it more difficult to carry you on your back.

Therefore, to be effective, sit upright and create a 90-degree angle and heel on the pedal. If you find it difficult to recognize, you can imagine having a straight line behind you. This will help your body distribute your weight more evenly.

Wear protective gear before riding

Equestrian technique is also one of the interesting issues about how to ride without falling and how to choose a pure horse when riding without harming you. So it is not difficult to tell the love cards to find a good partner for them or not to find a suitable mate for you, as well as finding a pure horse with you to learn horse riding. Simplicity requires you to persevere.

At the same time always give yourself a relaxed, happy and stress-free mood. Because when you sit improperly and your mood is tense, the horse is also nervous. Since then they will not control the speed and can run faster at the beginning.

Manual horse control by body

Body-rearing is a horse control technique when cornering. To perform this technique, you need to use the pelvic floor muscles to indicate the direction of running. Drive your pelvis forward or backward to encourage the horse. With this signal, you can fully control the horse no matter what bend.

In addition to the above riding techniques, it is also important to pay attention to the reins. Be sure not to pull the reins too tight and let them loosen up a bit. So you can easily send a signal to your horse.

World records in the horse world (Part 2)

The fastest speed of a race horse: 70.8km / h

The highest velocity a race horse achieved at a short range (402m) was recorded for a 2-year-old horse, named Winning Brew, trained by Francis Vitale (USA) at the Pennsylvania state race in May. / 2008.

The largest number of horses pulling a car: 141 children

The world record for the highest number of horses pulling a car was 141 children, set up at an event in Aubagne, France in December 2005. In total, 141 horses formed a length of 409.7m, pulling the car across the streets of Aubagne in 1.5 km.

The horse is the most expensive auction: 16 million USD

The highest price is paid for a pure race horse at a public auction of $ 16 million for a 2-year-old ponies, who have never competed before. The young horse named Forestry was brought to the auction by Demi O’Byrne (Ireland) at an auction held at the Calder horse race in Florida (USA) in February 2006.

The biggest prize for a single horse race: $ 10 million

The biggest prize fund for a single horse race is $ 10 million for Dubai World Cup held at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on March 27, 2010. All bonuses are awarded to the top 6 horses, of which the most awarded prize is 6 million USD.

The smartest horse in the world: Lukas

Guinness recorded Lukas as the smartest horse in the world. Lukas, a horse that was once considered “unsavory and dangerous” at 17 years old, was bought by Karen Murdock (USA) with the intention of domesticating and reselling. However, nearly 9 years later, Lukas has now become Miss Murdock’s pet. Thanks to the training of the hostess, this horse can distinguish the color and shape of the object, know how to do things like bow, catch handkerchiefs and perform the training movements. Lukas has appeared in many television shows, becoming “stars” on countless websites and has been nominated for the 2010 Horse Society Award of the American Horse Society.

The secrets to choose the best racing horsehorse for horses

The pure horse race is one of the world-famous horse breeds. This breed is well cared for the current horse races. However, among the fierce horses, there are still horses with modest health. So to limit the selection of those horses, you need to know to know the secret of choosing a good horse.

It is difficult to choose a good thoroughbred horse race. Almost everyone who has plenty of experience can really choose a good horse. However, there is no way for people to find a proper horse race. As long as you are interested in the horse’s health system and know how to ride a horse.

Learn about how to increase fitness before kicking the ball of professional players. They did how to compete in the whole match. Let’s explore together!

Identify good horses through the physique

There are many opinions that the age of horses is not related to the selection of thoroughbred racehorses. However, this idea is completely wrong with the secret of choosing a racehorse. Because age will affect a lot to the racing process.

For example, if the horse’s age gets older, the horse’s health will decrease. At this time their resistance becomes weak and it is very easy to get sick when the weather changes. This problem will greatly affect the running speed of the horse during the race. So how to determine the age of purebred horses? Of course, you need to consider the horse’s teeth system.

The age of the horse

Usually, adult horse teeth will have nearly 40 teeth. Each such function will have about 20 main teeth. These include 6 baby teeth, 6 molars, 2 canines and 6 teeth near the jaw. For 9-month-old horses, there are a total of 28 main teeth. Each molar tooth has 14 teeth including 2 canines, 6 incisors, and 6 teeth near the jaw.

Although the determination of this pure horse age is not 100% accurate. However, despite the difference, it is only from 1 to 2 years old. So experts often determine age by this way.