World records in the horse world (Part 1)

Guinness World Records recognizes that the most expensive race horse is up to 16 million USD and the smartest horse can distinguish the color, the shape of the object as well as many other extraordinary games.

The tallest horse: Big Jake, 2.1 meters high

According to the Guinness World Records website, the highest horse in the world today is Big Jake, 9 years old, belonging to Belgium’s Gelding variety. It has a height of 2.1 m without iron nails and weighs up to 1.1 tons. This horse belongs to Smokey Hollow farm in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA. Big Jake is currently kept in a 6m x 6m barn and consumes 1.5 bales of grass as well as 37.8 liters of oak seeds per day. In the video posted on the Guinness page, Jerry Gilbert – Big Jake’s owner, tells the horse that he loves to be joking, playful and good.

The lowest horse: Thumbelina, 0.44m

Thumbelina mares belong to Miniature ponies, born and raised on Goose Creek farm in St Louis, Missouri, USA. According to Guinness, the world’s smallest horse only reached 44cm in height and she said heavy. According to the interview published to the owner of Thumbelina, Kay and Paul Goessling, and his handling, Michael Goessling, the horse weighs less than 27kg. The hostess and the person who directly tamed this “little girl” said the horse would never be bred.

The longest ponytail: 4.08m

A Shetland-like short pony named Golden Shante, nicknamed “Topper” holds the world record for the longest ponytail to be born, more than 4m. This horse was born in 1993.

Parade with the largest horse: 11,125 horses and riders

Record of the largest parade with horses takes place on August 9, 2013 in Mongolia. According to Guinness, 11,125 horses and riders from 21 provinces of Mongolia gathered in Khui Doloon Khudag in the country’s capital Ulaanbaatar to join the parade stretching nearly 4km. The youngest rider in the parade is 2 years old, while the oldest is 90 years old.