World records in the horse world (Part 2)

The fastest speed of a race horse: 70.8km / h

The highest velocity a race horse achieved at a short range (402m) was recorded for a 2-year-old horse, named Winning Brew, trained by Francis Vitale (USA) at the Pennsylvania state race in May. / 2008.

The largest number of horses pulling a car: 141 children

The world record for the highest number of horses pulling a car was 141 children, set up at an event in Aubagne, France in December 2005. In total, 141 horses formed a length of 409.7m, pulling the car across the streets of Aubagne in 1.5 km.

The horse is the most expensive auction: 16 million USD

The highest price is paid for a pure race horse at a public auction of $ 16 million for a 2-year-old ponies, who have never competed before. The young horse named Forestry was brought to the auction by Demi O’Byrne (Ireland) at an auction held at the Calder horse race in Florida (USA) in February 2006.

The biggest prize for a single horse race: $ 10 million

The biggest prize fund for a single horse race is $ 10 million for Dubai World Cup held at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on March 27, 2010. All bonuses are awarded to the top 6 horses, of which the most awarded prize is 6 million USD.

The smartest horse in the world: Lukas

Guinness recorded Lukas as the smartest horse in the world. Lukas, a horse that was once considered “unsavory and dangerous” at 17 years old, was bought by Karen Murdock (USA) with the intention of domesticating and reselling. However, nearly 9 years later, Lukas has now become Miss Murdock’s pet. Thanks to the training of the hostess, this horse can distinguish the color and shape of the object, know how to do things like bow, catch handkerchiefs and perform the training movements. Lukas has appeared in many television shows, becoming “stars” on countless websites and has been nominated for the 2010 Horse Society Award of the American Horse Society.